What Needs To Be In iOS 7!

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The time has come again; the announcement of another major release of iOS is on its way next month, at WWDC.  With Apple getting ready to announce iOS 7 and customers highly anticipating of what Apple has to offer this time, the stakes are high and speculations of what Apple is going to equip iOS 7 with is on its way.  By this late in the game, the numbers of concepts are usually skyrocketing.  This year is the complete opposite, maybe because Apple is keeping iOS 7 a complete secret or fans are just disinterested.  Regardless, today I will be talking about what Apple needs to have in iOS to get my approval.

Completely New Design

With iOS 6, in some of Apple’s stock apps like the Music app, there was a new design.  I personally hated it; the colours chosen reminded me of Halloween with the use of silver, black and orange.  I personally love the colour silver but I think Apple used it in a wrong way.  With Forstall out, who designed iOS 6, and John Ive in, there is speculation a more “flatter design”on the way.  After seeing some of the concepts, I’d love to see a flatter design, similar to what the new Windows phone OS has.  Here’s a video of a very good concept video I’ve seen for iOS 7 with a flatter design.

Better “PC Free”

When Apple announced the “PC Free” feature on iOS 5, I was very excited. It was as if the heavens had answered my call.  However, it turned out to be a complete flop.  With OTA (over the air) updates, you can only update your device’s software and only if your device is not jailbroken.  I would like to be able to update regardless, and also, I would like the capability to be able to restore my device.  With part of the PC Free feature, there is Wi-Fi syncing, eliminating the need of a USB cord to sync your device.  However, when I try to do so, I’m always stuck on “Looking for iPhone”.  When doing so, you must have your iTunes application open and sometimes, your device opened on the “iTunes Wi-Fi Sync” setting.  It doesn’t seem like such a useful feature because if I have to do that much, I might as well just pull out my USB cord and sync my device.  I think Apple needs to really improve this feature.

Dashboard page

I would really like to see a dashboard page on iOS 7.  Mac OS X has a dashboard page and although I don’t really use it, I really think bringing it into iOS would be great.  I would love to be able to see the latest sports scores, weather, reminders, settings, Facebook updates, Twitter updates, etc., all in one place.  I think if they integrated a dashboard page, making it as the home, it would be really cool and would work out well.


We simply need widgets.  Fully customizable widgets.  Enough said.  Widgets are applications that allow users to change settings or access applications from anywhere.  For example, in iOS 7, imagine being able to access settings such as adjusting brightness from your home screen.

Improved Siri
Siri has come a long way, with more capabilities and I really can’t complain a lot.  However, I would like to see Siri faster, have different voices to chose from that don’t sound so robotic and has more capabilities such as changing settings.

Hide Newsstand/No Folder Limitations

Although these two are minor features, I think it’s time Apple brings these features to iOS 7.  I personally don’t’ use the Newsstand’s app and I think it’s time for it to get the boot.  I really don’t understand the reason why we can’t put it into a folder.  Also, there is a limitation of putting 12 apps into a single folder but the point of having folders is to group apps together. I hate the limitation.  However, I can understand why Apple may have put the limitation since it might be hard finding the app you want with a folder with so many apps.

“The Unknown”

You may be wondering what I mean by “The Unknown” feature, but to be honest, I don’t have a clue of what this feature is and that’s what the beauty of it is.  I want a feature in iOS 7 that will blow my mind, something new, something original.

Well these are some of the features of what I’d like to see in iOS 7.  Let me know what you think about it, what features you would like to see and what features you think Apple is going to equip with iOS 7.

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