What are UDID’s and How They Work:
UDID’s stand for Unique Device Identifier and it is a 40-character string unique to every Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.  A developer is entitled to registering 100 devices and therefore, 100 UDID’s per account. Once your device’s UDID is registered, you can install any beta software that Apple releases without paying the $99 yearly fee.

Where To Find Your UDID:
There are several ways to find your device’s UDID but here is the easiest way. 

1.     Go onto iTunes and connect your device.
2.     Click on your device and click on the “Serial”.

3.     Right click to copy your UDID. 

There are two different purchases you can make. 

1.     UDID Registration (Costs $6)
~Allows you to install beta software
2.     UDID Registration + Certificate (Cost $10)
~Allows you to install beta software and cracked/unauthorized iOS applications without a jailbreak.

Note: We do not suggest installing cracked applications, as it is illegal.

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